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Video B2B e-mail list building

  • Why Video, Facts on who is using video now and their plans for the future.

  • Who it is for, is just about any independent professional who needs to be perceived as a thought leader.

  • How the process works, is  looked at from 30,000 feet up and then brought down to earth with the specifics you need to know.

  • Social media acceptance specs, are detailed for Linked In, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

  • Tips & Tricks are provided in an overview that is guaranteed to get you thinking

  • Step by step with Linked In, YouTube and Twitter, describes how to get the most out of each outlet.

Video List Building on FaceBook Guide

This is a 55 page step-by-step guide to building your e-mail list using Video on Facebook. It covers:

  • How to Share Youtube Video to your Facebook Page/Group
  • How to Schedule a Video Using Facebook Creator Studio
  • What is Buffer?
  • How to Schedule a Video Post on Facebook Through Buffer
  • How to Create Facebook Video Ads

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