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your consulting business, your brand, and a life of joy.

Keynotes, workshops and consulting to help you craft a unique trust-based marketing strategy to take you, and your team up that last notch to lifelong success.

“When he suggested I identify as the Defogger & Accelerator

I thought he was nuts! Then I tried it.

Everybody gets it. Nobody forgets it.

And I tripled my revenues”

Jim Grew, President, The Grew Co.

Successful consultants tell me:

You Can Have

A Life Of Joy

They say these are the marketing challenges you must conquer:

  • Be Memorable, that means establishing a brand identity in the first 3 seconds on and offline, getting to Trust, providing a referral script and listening not selling.

  • Become Unforgettable. Do the work. Provide advice that gets the resolution the client needs. Deliver consistently above and beyond any other resource.

  • Get to indispensable. Stay connected to your client. Maintain an ongoing knowledge of their business and industry. Provide advice as needed when needed and guide their innovations.

  • Strive for Legendary.  It takes changing mindsets. It takes having a legacy of executives you've guided to new ways of thinking. It means a trail of remarkable men and women.

A Self Introduction

People Prefer a Conversation to Hearing

a Commercial

Jerry developed 30 Second marketing so that  folks like you  could go from Nobody to Somebody in a heartbeat.

"He came aboard when we were still in the garage, named the company and helped us raise $250,000 in 17 days"

Geoff Rhoads


Hi, I’m Jerry Fletcher

It all started when I got fired

"The ad agency board I had so carefully nurtured as a CEO gave me the boot. It was a long evening and a longer night."

That is the beginning of a signature story that every down-sized and right-sized executive can relate to.

Since 1990 I've been a marketing advisor to individuals and organizations of all types.


I know the pain of trying to make life predictable. I've made my living helping little guys find a way to get in front of Goliath and become trusted advisors.

Our Products


Tested and proven by consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and independent professionals over the last 25 years.


30-Second Marketing TM is the single most important piece of marketing advice for each of you.


AutoMagic Marketing TM is the step up you must be prepared to take to compete in an ever more digital world.


Marketing Without Money TM literally was developed for start ups and covers all the essential elements you need to build a thriving business.


Consultant Marketing Mastery TM contains all the advice  needed for the advanced consulting practice plus a large ration of one-on-one work with the Master.


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